22-Piece: Pink Makeup Brush Set

Eco-Friendly – high-quality makeup brushes designed for professional use which will give you a flawless face and eye makeup application.
Easy to Clean and Dry. You do not need to clean these brushes frequently, but when you do wash, it’s easy–simply run the brushes under warm water, clean them with your favorite shampoo, and rinse thoroughly. You can let your brushes air dry or use a hair dryer for quicker results. Brushes should be cleaned once before first use. Handmade from Synthetic Hair for a Soft, Silky Feel. The cosmetics brushes are made from synthetic hair, so they are soft and silky on top, yet firm and durable on the bottom. The brushes allow you to apply colors smoothly, while pigment does not cling to the hairs after application, so you can blend and reuse colors without cleaning every time.
  • 22-Piece Set includes
  • Large fan brush
  • Fan brush
  • 2 powder brushes
  • Blush brush
  • Angled brush
  • Tapered blending brush
  • 6 eyeshadow brushes
  • Concealer brush
  • Flat eyeliner brush
  • Detail concealer brush
  • 2 eyeliner brushes
  • Liner brush
  • Small shadow brush
  • 2 eyebrow brushes