10 Pcs: Premium 3D Nail Art Design Polish Painting Liner & Brushes Set


Only a perfect nail brush can draw a fine intricate design on your nail with maximum accuracy. Just like tattoos, nail art has become the most trendy accessory that everyone has found fascinated these days. With a couple of good-quality nail art brushes, you can easily save your nails from ruining if you don’t want to visit your salon frequently.

  • Each pack contains 5 pieces of nail paint brushes and 5 pieces of nail liners of different sizes to fit your needs easily.

  • The nail paint brushes' heads have firm bristles made of nylon wool along with an acrylic pen holder to provide flexibility and durability.

  • The nail liner brushes' head comes in several sizes with plastic pen holders to facilitate your nail art experience.

  • Professional quality fine nail brushes allow practical designs and satisfy your fashion needs with stylish nail art.

  • Easy to use and durable nail art brushes that are lightweight and suitable fashion accessories for professional salons and home use.

  • Material:acrylic+nylon+plastic 
  • Product dimension- - 8 x 3 x 0.01 inches 
  • Care instructions  - Clean brushes with antibacterial soap, rinse, reshape and let dry
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10 Pcs: Premium 3D Nail Art Design Polish Painting Liner & Brushes Set
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